Our Photo Booth Hire Service Areas: Somerset

Somerset, a county in the South West of England, is celebrated for its stunning landscapes, historic towns, and rich cultural heritage, from the rolling hills of the Mendips to the serene beauty of the Somerset Levels.

Somerset's mix of historic cities, spiritual sites, and natural beauty, combined with its festivals and events, offers something for everyone.

From Bath's Georgian elegance to Glastonbury's mythical allure and the traditional charm of seaside Weston-super-Mare, Somerset is a county that celebrates its diverse heritage and vibrant community life.



Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage city, famous for its stunning Georgian architecture and Roman-built baths.

The city's history as a spa town dates back to Roman times, with the ancient Roman Baths and the more modern Thermae Bath Spa drawing visitors from around the world.

Bath hosts the annual Bath International Music Festival and the Bath Literature Festival, attracting talent globally.

Nightlife in Bath includes elegant cocktail bars, historic pubs, and lively clubs, catering to its diverse mix of locals, students and visitors.


Glastonbury is steeped in myth and legend, often associated with King Arthur and the Holy Grail.

The Glastonbury Tor, a hill topped with the remains of a medieval church, offers panoramic views and is a spiritual site for many.

The town is renowned for the Glastonbury Festival, one of the world's most famous music and performing arts festivals.

Outside festival season, Glastonbury's nightlife is more subdued, with a selection of pubs and bars offering live music, reflecting its eclectic and spiritual community.


Wells, the smallest city in England, is known for its magnificent cathedral and the Bishop's Palace, surrounded by a moat.

The city's history is deeply entwined with the Church of England, and it hosts the Wells Cathedral Oratorio Society's concerts and the annual Wells Literature Festival.

Nightlife in Wells is centred around traditional pubs and occasional live music events, offering a quaint and peaceful evening atmosphere.


Taunton, the county town of Somerset, boasts a rich history with Taunton Castle at its heart, now home to the Museum of Somerset.

The town hosts the annual Taunton Flower Show, described as the 'Chelsea of the West', and the Taunton Carnival, part of the West Country Carnival circuit.

Taunton's nightlife offers a variety of pubs, bars, and restaurants, with several venues hosting live music and entertainment.


Weston-super-Mare is a traditional seaside resort, known for its long sandy beach, the Grand Pier, and the annual Weston Beach Race.

The town has undergone significant regeneration, with the Tropicana hosting Dismaland by Banksy and now offering events and live music.

Nightlife in Weston-super-Mare includes beachfront bars and clubs, providing entertainment with seaside views.


Frome is a charming market town with a vibrant arts scene, known for its independent shops and monthly Frome Market.

The town hosts the annual Frome Festival, featuring music, literature, and comedy.

Frome's nightlife is eclectic, with a range of venues hosting live music, DJs, and cultural events, reflecting its creative and independent spirit.


Cheddar, while famous for its cheese, is also known for the Cheddar Gorge, the largest gorge in the UK, offering dramatic cliffs and stunning stalactite caverns.

The village hosts the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, where visitors can learn about cheese-making.

While Cheddar's nightlife is limited, it offers cosy pubs and eateries, ideal for relaxing after a day of exploring the gorge and caves. Don't forget to sample the cheese board!