Our Photo Booth Hire Service Areas: Bristol

Bristol, a vibrant city in the southwest of England, is known for its rich maritime history, thriving arts scene, and innovative spirit. 

In Bristol, history meets modernity, and its diverse neighbourhoods offer a wide range of activities, events, and nightlife options.

From the historic docks to the artistic streets of Stokes Croft, Bristol's vibrant community and rich culture make it a fascinating city to explore.


Bristol Harbour

Bristol Harbour, once a busy dock where ships trading globally would moor, is now a lively area filled with restaurants, bars, clubs and cultural institutions.

The transformation of the docks has made it a focal point for leisure and entertainment.

Key attractions include the M Shed museum, which explores local history, and the SS Great Britain, a museum ship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

The Harbour Festival, held annually, celebrates Bristol's maritime heritage with music, dance, and ship displays.

Nightlife around the harbour is extensive, with waterside bars and clubs offering something for every taste.


Clifton is known for its iconic suspension bridge, Clifton Suspension Bridge, spanning the Avon Gorge and designed by Brunel.

This affluent suburb boasts Georgian and Victorian architecture, boutique shops, and scenic parks.

The Clifton Observatory and the Downs provide stunning views of the surrounding area.

Clifton Village hosts various events throughout the year, including the Clifton Arts Festival and Bristol Open Doors.

Nightlife in Clifton offers cosy pubs and upscale bars, perfect for a relaxed evening.

Stokes Croft

Stokes Croft, often considered Bristol's cultural quarter, is an area of vibrant street art, independent shops, and eclectic eateries.

It's home to some of the city's most famous murals, including works by Banksy.

The area embodies a strong community spirit and hosts several street festivals annually, celebrating art, music, and local culture.

Stokes Croft's nightlife is dynamic, with a range of venues offering live music, DJs, and creative events, appealing to a diverse crowd.

Gloucester Road

Known for its independent shops, cafes, and bars, Gloucester Road is celebrated as one of the longest shopping streets of independent businesses in the UK.

This area offers a unique shopping experience and a strong sense of community.

Annual events like the Gloucester Road Central Street Party celebrate local businesses and community spirit.

Nightlife here is varied, with numerous pubs and bars providing live music, craft beers, and a friendly atmosphere.

Old City

The Old City of Bristol is a maze of historic streets and buildings, reflecting the city's past as a significant trading port.

Landmarks include the St. Nicholas Market, offering food stalls and unique shops in a covered market setting.

The Old City hosts several historical and cultural walks throughout the year, allowing visitors to delve into Bristol's history.

The area's nightlife is centred around traditional pubs and speakeasy-style bars, offering a mix of history and modernity.

Southville and Bedminster

These neighbouring areas, just across the river from the city centre, have undergone significant regeneration and are known for their artistic flair, evidenced by the annual Upfest, Europe's largest street art and graffiti festival.

The Tobacco Factory, a cultural hub in Southville, offers theatre productions, markets, and live music.

Night-time in Southville and Bedminster is lively, with a variety of pubs, bars, and venues hosting regular music and arts events.

Temple Meads

The area around Bristol Temple Meads, the city's main railway station, is a gateway for visitors and an emerging business district.

It hosts several annual events, including the Bristol Light Festival, showcasing innovative light installations.

While historically not known for its nightlife, the area is developing, with new bars and restaurants opening to cater to the growing number of residents and visitors.