Our Photo Booth Hire Service Areas: Berkshire

Berkshire, known as the Royal County due to the presence of Windsor Castle, offers a blend of historic sites, cultural heritage, and natural beauty. 

These locations demonstrate Berkshire's unique combination of historical depth, cultural richness, and natural beauty, from royal connections and historic towns to modern economic hubs and cultural festivals.

Each contributes to the county's distinctive character and appeal.



Windsor a town in Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, globally renowned for its castle, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and an official residence of the Queen.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony at Windsor Castle is a significant attraction, showcasing a splendid display of British tradition.

Windsor Castle's history spans over a millennium, with its origins tracing back to William the Conqueror.

The town is also famous for its picturesque streets, the Eton College nearby, and the Great Park, offering extensive walks and stunning views.



Reading is a large town with a rich history dating back to the medieval period, known for the Reading Abbey, once one of the region's most significant religious centres.

Today, Reading is recognised for its vibrant cultural scene, hosting the Reading Festival, one of England's biggest music festivals.

The town is a mix of historic sites and modern amenities, with the Thames Valley providing beautiful riverside walks and outdoor activities.



Ascot is synonymous with horse racing, home to the prestigious Ascot Racecourse where the annual Royal Ascot meeting is held, attended by the Queen and members of the Royal Family.

This event, famous for its fashion, particularly the extravagant hats, and horse racing, highlights British high society's social calendar.

Ascot itself is a small, affluent town with a selection of boutique shops and restaurants.



Maidenhead sits on the banks of the River Thames and is known for its strong rowing culture, with the Maidenhead Rowing Club being a focal point of community life.

The town is also the starting point of the Long Walk, a straight path that leads directly to Windsor Castle, offering spectacular views.

Maidenhead's riverside location provides ample opportunities for boating and leisurely walks along the Thames.



Newbury is a historic market town known for its beautiful 17th-century architecture and the Newbury Racecourse, which hosts high-profile horse racing events.

The town is also near Highclere Castle, famous as the filming location for the television series Downton Abbey.

The surrounding countryside, including the North Wessex Downs, offers picturesque landscapes and walking paths.



Although technically in Oxfordshire, Abingdon-on-Thames is often associated with Berkshire due to its proximity and historical connections.

It claims to be one of England's oldest towns continuously inhabited, with a history dating back to the Iron Age.

Abingdon is known for its beautiful Abbey ruins, the medieval Abingdon Bridge, and the annual tradition of "bun-throwing", where buns are thrown from the town hall to mark special royal occasions.



Slough, situated in the east of Berkshire, has transformed from a small village into a significant business centre, housing the Slough Trading Estate, one of the largest industrial estates in Europe.

While often associated with industry and commerce, Slough also has cultural depth, evidenced by the Slough Museum, which explores the town's history and community.

It's a multicultural town with a diverse and vibrant community.